Sunflower Kitchen

Scarborough-based national packaged food company that sells vegan hummuses, pestos, baba ganoush, salsas, soups, and chilis from coast to coast.

Rolfing Studio Toronto

Rolfing Studio Toronto is a Rolfing Structural Integration studio in the St. Clair West area of Toronto run by Jennifer Hayes author of Moving Into Alignment and creator of Bodyflow the online movement education program.

Ecoexistence is a eco-friendly sustainable living store found in Toronto, On on St.Clair West. 

Spynga is a Toronto based gym fusing yoga and spinning to create an effective and enjoyable fitness experience. Heather works with Spynga to curate their blog, create bi monthly newsletters as well as digital marketing consulting.

An international supplement brand within the Wellnx Life Science family of health focused brands.

Ontario Festivals Visited is a tourism blog that visits and shares fun from festivals across Ontario.