Ecoexistence is a eco-friendly sustainable living store found in Toronto, On on St.Clair West. Heather works with them to promote their sustainable products and an eco-friendly lifestyle on multiple social media channels through social media work and product photography.

Spynga is a Toronto based gym fusing yoga and spinning to create an effective and enjoyable fitness experience. Heather works with Spynga to curate their blog, create bi monthly newsletters as well as digital marketing consulting.


Heather has managed multiple social media channels for Slimquick as well as the Slimquick blog for multiple years. She has grown their social following and helps keep Slimquick customers motivated and health-focused.

Heather worked with Natural Joe to institute a blog, work with influencers, and market across multiple social media channels.

Ontario Festivals Visited is a tourism blog that visits and shares fun from festivals across Ontario. Heather worked with them consulting and advising on their social media strategy.

Arbitrage is student-run online publication. Early in her career Heather worked in a team of social media managers to help Arbitrage grow on social media.